Shopping Online

I do not like to go shopping. I’m not the typical woman that likes to run to every sale and claim she saved money because she bought 100 dollars worth of stuff at 25% off, when she didn’t need any of it to start with. I hate trying on clothes in dressing rooms at the store and I hate pushy sales people.

What I do like is the convenience of shopping online. And Ebay offers items at true bargains, you just have to look and compare.

I made a “wish list” at Amazon, then went to Ebay and searched out the same products, considered the shipping, price per pound of some items and made my purchase via Ebay saving around $15 off $100 of what I would have paid for Amazon Prime prices (trial membership). The prime prices are higher anyway, if you take time to notice, they get their shipping fees in there. All prime prices are higher than regular prices. But at Ebay, with “buy it now”, I can find what I’m looking for, usually new, and add it to my cart and pay for multiple items from different sellers at the same time.

It may drive my mail lady crazy delivering all the packages, but that’s just gravy! She’s a friend of mine or I wouldn’t say that.

I buy my essential oils from various vendors, that depends on quality and price. Ebay doesn’t always have the best in that area. And most sellers offer a return policy, so if something isn’t as it is shown in the picture, or described, you can return it for your money back rather than leave a nasty feedback review for them. Those feedbacks go both ways, so always try to leave a good one.

I buy my clothes from one particular store, online, and have had great success with sizes. And I always have my Christmas list ready and in a shopping cart somewhere online before Cyber Monday, so the minute I wake up, I can get the discounts and finish off my shopping.

Sure I go to Walmart for everyday items, groceries and dog food, but there are just some things that are cheaper and easier to purchase online.

There are things that no one looks for, that are real bargains. Having been a USDA food inspector, I know a few little secrets about “sell by dates” and buy items that are past their prime date but are not past their expiration date. Whether online or in the grocery store, these items are true bargains.

I’m out of here for this morning, I hope everyone has a great day. ~Peace



One comment

  1. fearlessinjesuschrist

    I hate shopping too. I’m tall so I can’t wear any of the clothes in the store. Their pants would be like capris on me. And the shirts would be three-quarter length sleeve’s. So I order all of my clothes online. I do go to Walmart because I have to get my prescriptions there. And it gets me out of house


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