Politeness, Respect & Courtesy

I grew up with parents that believed in corporal punishment. Nothing severe, just swats on the butt if needed. But the fear of those swats and disappointing my parents, was where they had me. Their teachings were good. I feel I learned right from wrong and how to be polite, respectful and courteous. These things are lacking in society today. It sure makes me feel old to know that there are people out there that are raising kids with no courtesy, or respect at all when it used to be second nature to say “yes ma’am or no sir”.

I was a young mother, at the age of 17 is when I had my son, and I raised him the same way I was raised. He is now a paramedic/firefighter, he is respectful and respected. His children are being raised to be respectful and courteous as well.

I’m on this rant because while in a store shopping for groceries, it is distinctly clear that so many people lack common courtesy, politeness and respect for other human beings. I’m sure you can think of a time when someone was less than polite to you in a grocery store.

Being handicapped with an invisible illness, I still try not to ride on one of the store’s scooters very often. I need the exercise of walking the store and can usually take my time. I always try to help those that are on the scooters reach something from a higher shelf and I yield to them as needed. I see other people passing them by, not helping, sighing at the fact they might be in the way. Not everyone drives those scooters regularly and/or knows how to operate them very well. I try to give them the space they need to get out of tight spots.

That being said, while in the grocery store yesterday a child was screaming at the top of it’s lungs. I never saw if it was a boy or girl, I only know it was unhappy. It did not sound like a painful scream, more like a “I didn’t get what I wanted” scream. It grated on my nerves so fast that even the cashier could tell I was panicking. I needed to get out of there. He mentioned that the child had some pipes. I agreed and he rushed along with his duties. My son never acted like that in a grocery store. All I had to do was look at him if he got out of line and he knew to get back in line. He respected my decisions and was rewarded for good behavior when I could afford it.

My son was recently hurt on the job and had to use crutches, he did not use a scooter at the grocery store, he said there were people much worse off than him that needed the scooters and he could get around fine on his crutches. I am so proud of him. He was instilled with respect, politeness and courtesy.

So few parents are teaching their kids these few actions any more. They are in the mind set that the world owes them something, or that their wants are more important than the needs of others. I’m 54, I’ve lived over half my life, I want my grandchildren to grow up in a world of good people, but there are so many bad ones out there that it horrifies me. I’m so grateful that my grandchildren have good parents, that are teaching them right from wrong, politeness, respect and courtesy. Those few things should take them far.

The bottom line is to be kind to each other, help those less fortunate and lend a hand when you can to those that might need something just out of their reach. Be respectful, polite and have some courtesy. It goes a long way in making both you and the receiver feel good. ~Peace


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