Reversed Roles

My sweet husband has either a really bad cold, or the flu. I guess it could be a sinus infection, but we will be going to the doctor later to find out exactly what he has.

I try so hard to take care of him when he is sick. I ask him to let me get him gatoraide, or food, or anything but he is so independent that he does not want to be waited on.

I think of all the times he has helped me, whether it be a glass of water or coming home from work on his lunch break to fix me food. He is the best. He has done so much for me and won’t let me do anything for him. The roles should be reversed, but he won’t allow it.

I try to stay a step ahead of him. Watching his glass to make sure it has something in it at all times, but he would rather I leave him alone. He doesn’t whine, he doesn’t lay down and expect anything from me, he continues on with his day, other than work, as if I were not there. He takes care of me, or tries to. I won’t let him when he is sick.

Helpless is how I feel. Unable to do anything for him to make him better. Unable to soothe his aches and pains. I wonder if this is how he feels about me when I’m in a flare. It must be. He dotes on me when I’m in a flare and yet won’t take any attention from me when he is sick. I love this man so much. I tell him daily and thank him for being so supportive.

I sure hope all people with illnesses have the support of a good partner like I have.




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