Being Obviously Ill

With red eyes and cheeks. A nose that has peeling skin and sores, chapped lips and a hacking cough, people know you are sick. They take a seat a little farther away from you in the doctor’s office. I don’t blame them, I am sick! With fever up to 101 degrees and constantly having to blow my nose, I wouldn’t want to sit near me either.

Saturday and Sunday were bad days for me, to top off everything else, I had the worst cold I’ve had since 2013. The other symptoms don’t go away when you have a cold. I still have to get up and go urinate a dozen or more times a day. I think I was a little dehydrated as I wasn’t producing as much as I normally do. But the urgency was still there. I still hurt all over too, but I think it was exacerbated due to the cold.

My husband got me to the doctor this morning and I tested negative for the flu, which I knew I would, because we just went through all of this last week when my husband had this mess. It is just a really bad cold. It doesn’t help that the weather is going from the 40s to the 70s in the same day. I wish it would stay in the 40s or less. I miss winter.

I wanted to write today, even though my head is throbbing, because I started this blog in November 2016 and in less that 2 months time, I have already had over 1000 views. My head may explode from pride. I appreciate every single view I have had. I appreciate every single comment and every single person that has communicated with me about our dilemma of invisible illnesses. Thank you, each and every one.

Now with antibiotics swallowed, a nap is in order.



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