Filter – Daily Prompt

An IC (interstitial cystitis) patient knows they need to drink water that has gone through a filter to remove all impurities. Otherwise those impurities could cause them to have a bladder flare. The pain of a bladder flare has been compared to stage 4 cancer. I’ve never had cancer, so I compare my flares to being stung by bees over and over.

I drink reverse osmosis water only. Water that goes through a filter is still not pure enough for my picky bladder. I never drink mineral water or tap water, it is just not worth the pain it might cause. But some IC patients find that filtered water is okay for them.


  1. bethanyk

    IC is a freaking nightmare. I was treated with catheter and then a medication filled my bladder and after weeks of this treatment it finally calmed it down. But one glass of orange juice and I’m done!

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    • Tina - Invisible Illnesses Blog

      You are right. One glass of OJ and you’re done. I was never treated the way you were, I was in the hospital and put under for a cystoscopy and hydrodistention, one or 2 times a year. I have 2 interstims that help with pain and control. I am grateful for them, they have made my life much easier.


      • bethanyk

        Oh I just remembered the name. Elmeron. Normally people take it by mouth but this doctor crushed it, mixed it with lidocaine, and I held it in my bladder as long as I could. It cut my infections down immensely too. I’m glad you found something that helped you.

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      • bethanyk

        He didn’t want to give it by mouth since one side affect was hair loss and i was already having that, so crushing it and putting it directly into the bladder really was brilliant he has an entire clinic here in Florida now just for that. If i get a flare up I just go back in and get a treatment and it seems to last a while. I have wondered what caused the IC to begin with though.

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