Scent – Daily Prompt

There must be a special scent associated with doctor’s offices, hospitals and clinics. I can go to any of these and come home and my dog Chloe will sniff me up and down. But if I go to the store, she has no interest in sniffing me. I do not smell a special scent at the doctor’s office, but she does and she has to sniff for a long time. If I have a band-aid from where they drew blood, she will linger in that area for a longer time, even if I have taken the band-aid off before I get home. She isn’t concerned with my alcohol swabs at home for my insulin shot. I know dogs have a lot more olfactory receptors than humans do, but she is very sensitive to the doctor’s office, hospital or clinic scents. Silly dog, she’s my furbaby and I give her all the time she needs to sniff. She’s 16. We adopted her as a pup in early 2001 and I don’t think she was very old at adoption. So if I have a strange scent on me and she wants to sniff it, I give her all the time she wants to sniff away.