Resist – Daily Prompt

So many times I have to resist the urge to scream when I am frightened. I have to resist the urge to run and hide when I get into a stressful situation. When I have a panic attack or anxiety attack I am sometimes left paralyzed for a  moment. My breathing stops, my heart races and chest feels like it has a vice closing in on it, crushing me. I have to mentally tell myself to breathe and settle down. It took years to learn to resist the urges that go along with anxiety and panic…that and medication.

I know people don’t always want to hear the word medication, but that is what got me through my toughest times. I do not believe that anything “all natural” could have done it for me. No magic potion or blessed concoction was going to  get rid of the urge to flee a situation, or just remain hidden at home. To this day I still find myself having to resist the urge to stay hidden at home.

But I am one of the lucky ones that has a wonderful support system at home. My husband does not push me, but helps me to realize my resistance and coaxes me to over come the urge to stay hidden. He gets me out of the house and into a public situation weekly. I also have a wonderful friend that I can rely on to give me support and advice on how to get myself out and about and remind me how important it is to socialize. Unfortunately she doesn’t live in Texas so we don’t get to go out together, but she helps me by allowing me to vent to her. She also knows my limits and fears and talks me out of hiding at home too.

It was 1994 when I was diagnosed with PTSD and I still have problems. I was in therapy for 20 years and I still have to resist the urges to stay hidden, scream, run away, and hide. I don’t believe it ever goes away. We just learn how to deal with it and need to stay in therapy to constantly be reminded of those, ever-so-important, ways to resist the urge to remove ourselves from society.

If you are going through anxiety and/or panic attacks, call someone and talk it through.

I found a helpline at: