Clean – Daily Prompt

As a person with a lot of invisible illnesses, I find myself sick a lot of times when I need to be doing something besides lying around. On good days, I try to clean house, but I don’t get very far without my husband’s help. He is able to run the vacuum where as, I am not. I would love to have a spotlessly clean house, but I have given up on that idea due to my illnesses. I do not live in the world I once did, I live in today. One day at a time.

Once upon a time, I worked a full-time job, did all of the grocery shopping, house cleaning, cooking and made it to my son’s ball games, but that was once upon a time. I do not dwell in the past any longer, it is gone. I have accepted my fate now and I do things as I am able. I can not push myself beyond my limits or I go into a flare, either with my IC or my fibro, or both and they put me in bed for days, sometimes weeks and then nothing gets done. So taking it easy and adjusting the way I look at what clean means has helped me refrain from over extending my capabilities.

Clean now means that the dishes are done, the laundry is done, the floor is swept (sometimes), and the kitchen is clean. The rest of the house is left for the days I feel really good, then I can dust the living room and scrub the shower instead of having my husband do it. He is not afraid of housework. He is a good man and a great support for me.

So do what you can and leave the rest until another day. Pace yourself, don’t over extend and whatever you do, don’t get on the step-ladder to clean the ceiling fan without someone there with you.