Stress Overload

I have been so blessed not to have an IC (interstitial cystitis) flare-up since October 2016. But today my bladder has decided to rebel. I do think it is due to stress. I basically have chronic stress. I worry about everything, but lately, a lot of stress has come my way. I did not need this today, or any day for that matter, but today is my husband’s birthday and I am too sick to make him a chocolate pie, his favorite.

I think the stress overload started when my son had his wreck (he is fine), but it worried me, none the less. I rushed my car in for service so he could borrow it until his insurance paid so he could get a new car, but the mechanic messed up my key fob when he changed the batteries in it. The doors and ignition didn’t work right, but the car ran. I just fretted about it not working correctly. Then when my son got a new car, I took my car back to the mechanic so they could reprogram my key fob and they tried to tell me that I had a sensor going out in my car. I didn’t like that answer, so I left. I got home and started reading the manual to find that there was a way to set the fob and I left that for my husband to read.

Of course he got the key fob working correctly, almost instantly, because the mechanic had put the batteries in wrong. I worried for nothing, but I worried so much about it costing $350 to get it fixed that I think I threw myself into a flare-up.

I’ve had a few other stressful things going on, but I’d prefer to keep them private. I may not be able to write coherently for the next few days, but if I feel up to it at all, I will try.



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