My Theory About Stress & Invisible Illnesses

I have read through many blogs about people having chronic illnesses, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and many other invisible illnesses. I have talked to people over the years of my time dealing with invisible illnesses and came to notice that most people with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, interstitial cystitis, and other illnesses, have had trauma in their lives before developing symptoms of these illnesses.

I have the theory that pure traumatic stress has caused our bodies to develop these illnesses or syndromes. And once one illness develops, the body becomes weakened, leading to more stress, leaving the body free to develop more illnesses which leads to even  more stress.

It wasn’t until after PTSD, that I developed any of my invisible illnesses. I had a migraine occasionally, but they were not an issue until after the traumatic event. I had never heard of interstitial cystitis or fibromyalgia until after the PTSD.

I wonder how many of you, have had trauma in your past, or have been so overly stressed for a long period of time that your body weakened and chronic illness developed.

Please leave a comment if you think this theory holds any merit.


  1. Kate

    I completely agree, at the very least stress aggravates things. I have something weird going on, might be fibro, it’s come and gone in severity since I was around 18 but not diagnosed as of yet. I also have bipolar 1 disorder and that tends to take the front seat as far as my issues go. It’s so hard to explain these invisible illnesses to people that I tend to try and keep my pain to myself. I worry ppl might think it’s part of my mental health problem or that I’m just attention seeking and I don’t want to come across as whiny and annoy people.

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    • Tina - Invisible Illnesses Blog

      I’m sorry you are in that situation, Kate. You deserve to be heard and your illnesses diagnosed correctly. People are so close minded on things they can not see. Try not to worry about what people think and get to the dr when you are hurting and see if you can get an accurate diagnosis.


  2. Aedit

    Its a great theory Tina. Thankfully (and crossing my fingers), I have not been much affected by stress and trauma yet. The days had been wonderful and i hope they continue to be the same.
    Also, I loved your site’s theme. Its so simple, and so good.

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