Aware – Daily Prompt

Are you aware of your surroundings? Did you notice the lady having trouble getting on the scooter at the store? Did you notice the man having a hard time counting out the change from his pocket? These people may have invisible illnesses. We need to be aware of these people and offer them help when we are able to. Though we have invisible illnesses ourselves, if we are having a good day, they may not be and a little help might make their day.

What is an invisible illnesses/disability? The following link has a lot of information, it covers diseases and syndromes that you, with your invisible illness, might not have thought of. There are people with all sorts of problems. Ones that may not cause physical pain, but cause mental anguish every time they go somewhere. All I’m asking is that you be aware and help those less fortunate and believe me, they are out there.


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