Seriousness – Daily Prompt

There is an undertone of seriousness to every article I post to this blog. I want to pass along the message of kindness and helpfulness. I know most of my readers have invisible illnesses, but those invisible illnesses do not make you less of a person and we both know there are many people out there that are in worse shape than we are. You do not know their story, as they do not know yours and even after those stories intertwine, comparisons or competitions of whose is the worst should never come into play. I, personally always consider the person that is telling me their story is in worse shape than I am, that way I have compassion for them. If I am able, I lend them a hand if they need one.

I keep returning to the scooter at Wal-mart. I try not to ride the scooter unless I am having a horrible day. But I can usually make it through the store as long as I hold on to the buggy. I see the elderly using the scooters, they need them more than I do and when I see them trying to reach something on a higher shelf, I help them. Teenagers with a cast on their leg and crutches, do not need a scooter, they have crutches, are strong and will heal soon. Although, I do not know their whole story, so I do not judge unless I see them playing on the scooter. It is not for play, it is for help.

I am thinking about doing a daily blog with a medical terminology or something with the day of the week. I’m not sure yet. I am tossing it around. If you want to see something from this blog that I have not provided, please speak up and I will do my best to accommodate.





  1. rugby843

    I agree, I don’t judge who needs a scooter and who doesn’t. I know shoppers hate them, having to be behind them, etc. I am constantly apologizing when I use one, because I hate it too. When I had my own little three wheeled scooter it was easy and faster. Help is always provided for me with grandkids. I am very lucky that way.

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  2. cherished79

    My problem is, I have too many articles for postings and no time to write them!! If you want any I’d be more than willing to share. Sometimes I go on binges, researching a topic and save articles to write posts for in the future, but keep adding more! I have too much curiosity! Love your writing. Hugs, Deb

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