Juicy – Daily Prompt

Once in the surgical area of a hospital you can hear all kinds of juicy gossip about this nurse or that doctor. The attendants think you are knocked out enough that you aren’t listening, or can’t hear them, but I do and I listen carefully for tidbits of information that might further my research into the vast medical field.

Not only do these people have lives outside of the hospital, but their lives inside the hospital can get pretty spicy. I learned about one doctor’s affair with a nurse while being put under. I already suspected it, but it was confirmed while I was drifting off to Gumby Land. I later talked to the nurse in question about it and she said she was mad about the doctor, but he was slow to commit.

I’ve learned about my procedures while waiting for the anesthetists to put me all the way under. They were getting trays ready and had me spread eagle, discussing the line of action before that final moment of unconsciousness.

The very worst information I ever heard was when I had my son, nearly 37 years ago, and the nurses spoke while still in my room “if she drops another count we will lose her”. They were speaking of my blood count, I was hemorrhaging. I made peace with God at that time and went into a state of unconsciousness until my Mom showed up to check on me and I told her what they said, she was livid.

I stopped hemorrhaging just as they were prepping me for surgery. I have to add that I had not nor have I ever, felt more peaceful in my life as I did after saying a prayer for my son to be taken care of and my sins to be forgiven. I was so content in my being at that time, that I know heaven is real. God is good!



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