Translate – Daily Prompt

Over 22 years ago, I had to have someone translate medical jargon for me, but I got a job as a USDA food inspector and started to learn a lot of really long words about chicken diseases, little did I know it would lead to where I am now. After getting PTSD at work and going through over a year of therapy, I was able to go back to school and learn medical transcription, medical terminology and anatomy & physiology. I am lacking some in physiology now, but retained most of everything else.

I never got a job as a medical transcriptionist, the hours to start, in this area, were too long for me, just returning to work after being off for so long. I did go to work at the college for a short amount of time, as a secretary for the psychology department, of all places. I wanted so badly to get into the professor’s office and straighten it up, but he claimed he knew where everything was and I shouldn’t touch a thing.

The job was very boring and I found another job as a typesetter at a local print shop. I had never used a Mac computer or the programs they ran and the place was so busy, no one had time to teach me, so for a week, I sat at a computer with a book and taught myself the computer and the applications. I loved the work the job entailed, but when I got sick, the owner did not allow me to work part-time, so I had to leave.

Now I am on disability, as I am unable to sit or stand for any length of time and my bathroom schedule is horrendous. I love to research, for my own benefit, or for others. Trying to search out the elusive disease to match the symptoms. It is almost as much fun as building forms as a typesetter.


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