200 Followers – 1000 Likes!

Over the last two weeks people have discovered my blog and started to follow me. I am sofollowed-blog-200-2x very grateful! Thank you so much for having an interest in helping me spread awareness, in becoming educated and doing your research of invisible illnesses. At over 200 followers now, I can finally post this, I’m so happy!



Next, I’d like to say that today I opened up my Reader to find over 1000 likes on my primarylikeable-blog-1000-2x page, Invisible Illnesses. Talk about making my day! WOW! I have had this blog up and running for nearly 3 months now. I think I’m 10 days out of having it up for 3 months. It’s all been a blur. Thank you everyone for reading my blog and going to my pages. You are all so awesome!



Time to crank up the volume on this blog and get it producing more content on invisible illnesses. There are so many of you that have MS and I want to research it. Drop me a line with the informative website you visit to get all your questions answered.



  1. Invisibly Me

    Wow, that’s incredible – Well done! It’s a great site with some fabulous posts, so I’m not surprised it’s gaining popularity and helping to support those with invisible illnesses and raise awareness. You rock! x

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