Rhythmic – Daily Prompt

Today was a hard day. My husband has been having upper right quadrant pain. He saw the doctor on Monday and was told it was a pulled muscle, but the pain increased over the last two days and we ended up in the ER today. I have always been on the end of the poking and prodding, so having him on that end really had my nerves upset. I was so worried.

They did an ultrasound on his gall bladder but did not find anything wrong with it, no gall stones, no malfunction. The doctor was concerned and sent us to the ER. There they hooked him up to a blood pressure machine, O2 monitor and drew blood. Then they did a CT scan and an EKG and all tests came back fine, including lab work, so we are back to the belief it is a pulled muscle. He works in a physical job, so it is highly likely.

I’m having a hard time working the word rhythmic into this day. I’m too tired to make it happen. Maybe the rhythmic sound of the TV will lull me to sleep soon. Though I don’t think it is very rhythmic, just noise. So sorry, can’t do it. This one really stumped me.




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