Slur – Daily Prompt

Allergic reactions seem to search me out. I have fallen out from medications, literally fallen off of a bar stool because the medication hit me and knocked me out suddenly. After putting in a call to the doctor, my husband tossed that bottle of medication and the name went on my long list of allergies.

I’ve had allergic reactions of hives, large knots on my joints, gastritis with vomiting, turning red all over and itching like crazy, and being knocked out instantly. What I don’t consider an allergic reaction is when I slur my speech. It is going to happen on pain medication, or when I am very tired and take my bedtime medication.

I’m always on medication. I take 19 different prescriptions a day. Quite a cocktail keeping me from having any cocktails. If I were to have a cocktail of alcohol, I would really slur my speech and I might run into walls and mess my world up in a really bad way. I have to say I have taken a shot of whiskey on occasion and did not have a bad reaction but did sleep better. Not a good idea to mix alcohol and medications, so don’t do what I do, do what I say. – Don’t mix alcohol and medications! –



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