Baby – Daily Prompt

At age 25, I had a partial hysterectomy. They left my ovaries only. I was having so much problems with my belly swelling and hurting and now we know it was IC all along. But they put me on antidepressants after the surgery to curb any depression I might have about not being able to have another baby. What they didn’t believe was that I was perfectly content with my son and did not want any more babies.

It had physically hurt to have him and I nearly died not to mention they only gave him 6 months to live and he was 7 years old at the time of my hysterectomy so I was content. I didn’t stay on the antidepressants long, I didn’t like the way they made me feel. I felt like people were walking on me because I was too happy all the time and did not stand up for myself.

I look back and wish I had stayed on them, but at the time, I was so happy to not have my monthly any longer that I thought I could make it without them. I was part of the problem and living in the belief that antidepressants made me weak. I was avoiding the stigma.

Today, I care nothing about the stigma, without my antidepressants I would be dead. I would not have lived through the things I have been through and died by my own hand. Stigma or not, I’m happy to take my pills daily.

My baby boy is 36 now and healthy. A paramedic/firefighter and I’m so very proud of him. No one would believe, by looking at him now, that he was only given 6 months to live after birth. He is so strong and has a beautiful family but he is still my baby!



  1. cherished79

    Great post, I too had a hysterectomy due to another illness, and never was able to have children. Sad for many years, but no choice and our marriage is strong (38 yrs), so you learn to adjust.

    Never be ashamed of your meds, as long as you are getting better who cares what others think. Stigma.

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