Arid – Daily Prompt

I take 19 prescribed medications a day. Nineteen! Some make me drowsy, some make me happy, some make my mouth as arid as death valley. The constant dry mouth is starting to take a toll on my teeth. I have had to have one pulled, but the dentist told me it is the first of a long series. I will eventually have to have dentures. I’ve tried the  mouthwash, the toothpaste, and the lozenges, but nothing last very long. I sip water constantly. I do not drink sodas or anything beside water.

Yes, 19, that is my lucky number. I am lucky that they do what I need them to do, most of them anyway. The diabetes ones are a little lax in their efforts. Other than those, I’m doing good with the medications. I need them for all my illnesses and I’m thankful they are available to help me. Arid mouth and all.


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