Center – Daily Prompt

When living with illness, whether invisible or not, your life becomes centered around those illnesses. Your ability to do things is limited and you have to take your time at the few things you are able to do. If you over exert, you take a chance on going into a flare.

I hate that the center of my life is my illnesses. I would much rather have it be my husband, my home life, or a job. But my home life is one big mess because I can not clean as well as I once could. My job is non-existent due to illness. Thankfully my husband is still very close to the center. But he knows that he has to take second place sometimes to the aches and pains I experience oh so very often. I do feel that I could live without my medications before I could live without my loving husband, so he is the center of my life and just gets put on hold occasionally. Of course that is the way things are, he is the center and my medications are secondary. I love this man so much. He treats me with dignity and respect. Helps me when I am hurting and aids in the house keeping. He is a real gem. I wish everyone could have a spouse as supportive as mine.



  1. Rachel Bob

    This is lovely. I’m so glad your husband is so supportive. I wish other’s people’s partners were even half as supportive. My boyfriend is very supportive and has been since the moment he found out about my IC which was on our second date when I anxiously told him and hoped he wouldn’t run for the hills. Instead, he went out and researched it ..well here’s a post I wrote about it so I dont have to say it all over again 🙂

    I just think I lucked out because I know that most people wouldn’t have handled it the way he did. But even people who have been together a long time when they get the diagnosis don’t always handle it well. It’s sad.

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      • Rachel Bob

        I’m in some chronic illness support groups on FB. Specifically in an IC support group recently a woman was saying that her husband flipped out because he found out what was going on when she went to physical therapy (PT) and he accused her of just going to “just get off”…so she stopped going.

        I was crushed and so very sad for her when I read that. I got to (PT) weekly for my pelvic floor dysfunction and I would be even worse off without it. Sometimes my boyfriend will joke around about wanting to go with me “to watch”..because girls and stuff. But of course I always say…you want to watch me be in pain?? lol not that much fun. I would never stop going even if someone accused me of something like that. But I am so sad that she and however other many people will not get the help they need because their partners make terrible accusations like that.

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      • Rachel Bob

        I thought he should attend a session with her. See how much fun it is. But I doubt he would even go since he also thought she wasn’t chronically ill or in pain… just lazy.

        I know …I try not to worry or stress about other people too much. But stuff like that really just gets me. Because I could not stay with someone like that. I would much rather be alone than be with someone who doesn’t even believe me about my health. That must really impact their health too. The stress of being with someone who is so mean to you about your health…I would think would be incredibly detrimental to your health. And of course it’s easy for me to say..leave him. But I didn’t say that. It’s not my place, I’m sure she thought it and other people said it. That’s too obvious. She is staying with him for whatever reason. Maybe I think about this stuff a little too much lol. I just feel for them all. We are all in the same boat and we need to support each other.

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      • Tina - Invisible Illnesses Blog

        Yes, support is all we can offer, not advice. They have their own reasons for staying with the people they stay with. I don’t think I could stay with someone who didn’t believe me. Well, I know I couldn’t, before I was diagnosed, many many years ago, I divorced my first husband, he called ma a hypochondriac. He visited me once out of 7 days while I was in the hospital. We were already having problems, but that was the last straw.


  2. thechickengrandma

    My prayers are with you. Your husband sounds like a wonderful person. And he does, indeed, sound like your center as you are thinking about how he is affected by your illness. Your concern for him is also wonderful.


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