Desire – Daily Prompt

Oh the desires I have. For one very current desire, I wish my husband good health. He deserves the best of everything. Another current desire, I wish for my bladder to stop hurting me. I’m in an IC (interstitial cystitis) flare-up right now and I’m tired, so very tired of the pain and agony. I desire to have this flare-up pass. It affects every aspect of my life, from sleep to cognitive abilities. Of course the pain pills are a problem as well, they affect my cognitive abilities and though they help me sleep, they just don’t seem strong enough to get rid of the flare pain.

I’m watching what I eat very closely right now. Usually I can get away with eating things that other IC patients can not eat but during a flare, I have to stay on the IC diet, strictly. Plus, I recently gave up gluten, on the 1st of the month and have yet to notice any differences in any aspect of my life. My blood sugar numbers are still high and I haven’t put any sugar in my mouth either. I strongly believe I have Cushing’s syndrome, but getting a diagnosis seems impossible.

Since I am feeling so poorly, I am going to close this and wish everyone their individual desires.



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