Immerse – Daily Prompt

Though I am trying my best to immerse myself in my research and blog, I am falling short. I am anxious. I took my noon medication and it is working to the best of its ability, but sometimes my anxiety is more than it can handle.

We finally found out what is wrong with my husband. His gallbladder is not functioning. It is causing him great pain and yet he still manages to go to work each day. I am worried about him and that the gallbladder might rupture of become infected before we can see the surgeon in 2 weeks. He has a physical job, he’s a welder and machinist. He works very hard and to be in pain while having to rely on your body for your job just isn’t easy on him.

I called the surgeon’s office to try to move the appointment date up, but the doctor is out this week and unless someone cancels an appointment for next week, we will have to wait the duration of 2 weeks for a consultation. My husband is ready for surgery, by-pass all consultations, just yank the painful thing out!

Maybe my next blog page needs to be put aside and I work on something else. I was working on one for the gallbladder, but reading all the problems that can cause a gallbladder to stop working is really getting to me.

I am grateful that we finally know the cause of his pain. Now I am like him, let’s get it out!




  1. Blue Sky

    My husband went through this surgery about a year and a half ago. He was in horrible pain and it took us a long time to figure out what was wrong with him too. He is fine now. I pray for both of you. This increased my anxiety a great deal as well. My heart goes out to both of you!

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