Instinct – Daily Prompt

When you have a chronic illness, you eventually develop an understanding with your body. For instance, I can feel when my bladder is filling and I don’t really have to wait for it to tell me it’s full, I know it needs to be emptied before my brain signals me to empty it. Staying one step ahead of my IC is important to me.

I have an instinct that helps me manage my body, but not all people do, they don’t have the problems that I have or just don’t have the ability to distinguish the different organs.

I have a dear friend that is just as in tune with her body. It is amazing when she can pinpoint exactly what is causing the problem and tell her doctor so he can give her the correct medication and she starts to feel better very quickly. I do think she has a greater understanding of her body than I do.

We have been friends for a long time. I think we astonish each other with our instincts. We often help each other by what we have experienced individually.

If you do not have the ability to feel your organs, take time to get to know your body. It will save you a lot of trouble down the road when something goes wrong. Try to feel your individual organs do their amazing jobs. It brings a new awakening to what the human body is capable of and how God created it in such a magnificent way.




  1. Invisibly Me

    After years of health issues, I’ve come to learn so much more about my body and be in tune with what’s going on, what my body needs, when there’s something not right. You’re right, it really does bring a new, brilliant perspective to just how amazing your body is when you think about it.x

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