Controversy – Daily Prompt

Who doesn’t have some sort of controversy in their lives? It depends on how we handle our controversies that make us who we are.

I prefer to step away from controversy and give it time to rest, if at all possible. Once I have a clearer focus on the situation, I can approach it with an open mind. This actually gives me the upper hand because I am no longer hot-headed. I am at peace with the situation and can take my leave at any time.

I had some serious controversy in my family. I listened to it, took a pause and then wrote it off as “too much stress.” I did not need it in my life any longer. I was sick all the time and once I let go of it, I felt better. I’m still sick due to my chronic illnesses, but not over that particular idiot person. I no longer have feelings for that person. It took a lot of doing on my part to release the demons, and I sometimes return to bad thoughts, but for now, I feel at peace with my decision to walk away.

My health and well-being, physically and mentally are much more important than the stressful situation that person has tried to involve me in my whole life. I don’t like narcissist or their tendencies. So putting myself first was the best thing to do and I have no regrets.

If you have someone in your life that just saps the health right out of you, remove yourself from their company. You do not need them in your life. They are causing more harm than good.



  1. myloudbipolarwhispers

    Very good post. I totally agree with you. I have Bipolar and I too have learned that I have to be careful who is in my life. If someone continuously makes me feel sad or is a negative person it is best if I stay away from them for my bipolar brain and life. It is very important to protect my brain and my mental health from hurt, pain and negativity… as much as I can anyway. I also try not to have too many expectations of others as that can just set me up to make me feel sad. Anyway I agree with your post and can relate to it. Great writing. Thank you . Hugs.

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