Label – Daily Prompt

“Do not label me! I have a reason to be here.”

This is how I feel each time I go to my neurologist/pain management doctor. I feel like people are judging me, labeling me as a drug seeker. I am there for medications other than pain medications. He is a neurologist as well as a pain management doctor, but I do not think people take that into consideration.

Him being a neurologist is the first thing I think of when I think of my doctor. He is a good, kind doctor and always asks me how I am doing, and how my medications seem to be working for me. He asks me about my pain and how bad it is, this determines how many pills he gives me for the coming month. Unfortunately, I have been in a lot of pain lately. I know it is stress, but it is not something I can get a handle on presently. And it will get worse, as my husband will have surgery soon to have his gallbladder out. I am and will be worried about him for the duration of his recovery.

I looked around the doctor’s office today and wondered how many people were judging me as a drug seeker. Then I wondered how many of those people were there for the neurological side of his expertise or for pain medication. I did not label anyone. I could not tell by looking at them why they were there

I think there is too much labeling going on in this world when it comes to invisible illnesses. People are afraid of what they can not see. They are skeptical, unsure and do not always believe you when you tell them you have a bladder disease that causes debilitating pain.

I’ve decided it is not for anyone to be skeptical about, it is simply not their burden to bear so it does not have to mean anything to them, it only has to be my life to live the best way possible.

However, there might not have been anyone labeling or judging me today. It might have been my stress causing me to have negative thoughts. I want to go with this analogy.



  1. Susan

    yep – it sucks that you have to have a limp or a physical deformity for someone to make the connection that you are dealing with pain. You’re trying to be stoic and manage it, and what do you get , critical people that have nothing better to do with their time then to sit in judgment.

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