Minimal – Daily Prompt

A good day for someone with chronic illnesses, is a day with minimal pain. For me, I am more alert and able to do things around the house when I have less pain. I’m able to write better blog posts, work on my permanent pages and still feel like reading many posts written by others.

A bad day for someone with chronic illnesses is defined with pain, a foggy brain and very little ability for anything that requires energy.

We all need to have patience with each other. I see people being impatient with those that suffer chronic illnesses because they do not understand the illness. I also see chronically ill people become impatient when their care givers. This is sad because a lot of times the care giver is the closest person they have in their life, as well as the most understanding.

Taking a moment before we judge, misspeak, or become impatient with anyone really saves a lot of hurt feelings. We can minimize our need for apologies if we just think before we speak. Take care of one another.




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