Harshing My Mellow

Lately, someone has been getting under my skin, harshing my mellow, making me have negative feelings and thoughts, really bringing me down. I am resisting with all I have to keep this from happening.

I try to be a positive person. Always leaving my blog posts on a positive note. Always trying to find the good in everything and everyone.

But I want to lash out at this person and tell them to leave me alone, to find another way to solve their problems, but I feel like if I do that, I am not being “there” for them. I am not being sympathetic to their needs. Although, I never said I would be their venting partner, so I do not know what I am supposed to do. I only just recently saw this person appear in my reader, so their presence in my life is very new. I did not follow them, so their appearance in my reader is a mystery to me.

I’m not a therapist, I can not offer any medical advice. I can only listen. Maybe that is what I am supposed to do, just listen and try to be there for this person so they are not alone in their head. They have no symptoms that I have covered in my blog posts or permanent pages. But my listening is bringing up negative thoughts for me and I must take care of myself first.

I’ll just have to try harder not to let it bring me down. I can do this! I WILL do this! I do wish wordpress had a “block” setting like facebook. I don’t know  how to get this person to stop contacting me. Any suggestions?




  1. helensmith5

    You absolutely must take care of yourself. You’ve done the right thing in questioning the situation and if it makes you uncomfortable then it’s not right. As a nurse in healthcare we have a zero tolerance policy which protects us from physical and psychological harm. Are you able to remove the follower from your list?

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