Meaningless – Daily Prompt

Do you ever feel useless? Like your life is meaningless? I often have these feelings, especially when I am feeling really bad. My physical pain brings my mental state down very quickly, and I find myself struggling to imagine any good in my life.

These feelings are usually short-lived, but the fact that I have them at all, is a problem, in my opinion. I need to be upbeat, happy and grateful for all that I have and the family support in which I have been blessed.

But blessed or not, these bad feelings do arise. More often than not. I lose my train of thought, I lose my mind trying to regain my train of thought. It’s a vicious cycle. One that I must endure for the rest of my life.

So why fight it? I must fight it to maintain my sanity. It robs me of my mental capabilities for short periods of time. Pain is the culprit that steals my happiness and mental capabilities. I stumble on words, especially when speaking. I know I look or sound like an idiot to some people, but they do not know what pain can do to a person.

Only those who suffer from pain on a regular basis can identify with what I am going through and have empathy for my struggles. I know that this pain will not kill me. That is a weight lifted off my mind, but not knowing when the pain will cease is a huge weight to carry.

I wish for all my chronic pain suffering friends to find some relief and be able to carry on in life with dignity and defiance of that soul sucking demon known as pain.



  1. myloudbipolarwhispers

    I used to think my life was meaningless but I don’t anymore. God has taught me that my life has a purpose and he chose me to go through the struggles I went through and continue to go through so that I can help others and be a voice for others and that is exactly what you are doing as well. You are helping others. You have a huge purpose in your life. I am sorry you pain is so severe. I understand what you mean when it is difficult to talk around others as I have that problem often as well and I know people do not understand and sometimes I do think people really do not like being around me. They do not understand that I cannot stop talking sometimes and that I do not like talking so fast and rambling on or that my words sometimes do not come out right. I do isolate a lot for that reason. Today is a good day for me. It was easy for me to be positive. Praise God for that. Now on another day… a different day I wouldn’t have been so positive and would have written a different comment. I have bipolar and my moods change often. You caught me on a good day. lol. Never forget…You have a purpose.. You are matter and you are loved. Hugs. ❤

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