Purple – Daily Prompt

It has been one of those days. I think I could scream until I’m purple in the face and this day would not get any better. Not for me, or my husband. He is having a bad day at work today and of course that makes me anxious for him.

For me, I have felt bad, the phone as rang too many times and I have visited the little girls room way too many times. What I hate about the phone ringing, is there isn’t anyone on the other end. It disturbs my train of thought, makes me jump from the silence that I’m enjoying and then ticks me off that no one is there to talk to. Purple in the face screaming, that’s how I feel.

For my husband, it is a whole other situation. I can’t divulge the information, but things have not gone his way today. He called and talked to me, thankfully, and I got him calmed down, but it made me so mad about what he is going through that I wanted to scream until I turn purple!

On a positive note…there always is one, you just have to look for it. I found a program to rebuild my medical form that I keep in my purse for doctor’s visits. My old decrepit Macbook quit on me yesterday, it just could not handle any more form building. It still turns on and is loaded with wonderful programs, but using them is near useless because it freezes so often. I usually email myself the form, once I have it updated, but yesterday it just could not handle email. Poor old thing. Luckily I found the program for a PC. I downloaded the trial version and will save up my pennies to buy the real version. But my medical form is built and in my purse for my next doctor’s appointment.

Everyone should have a list of their medications, surgeries, procedures, doctors names and phone numbers, allergies and emergency contact information with them at all times. Those that are ill anyway.



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