Passport – Daily Prompt

Who has a passport? Not me, but my husband does. His work place had him get one a few years ago so he could go to Korea for about 6 weeks. Talk about stress! Thankfully, they changed their mind and sent a single person instead of a married person.

I want to get a passport for future travels, if that ever gets to happen. I have my eye on Alaska and I’d like to visit Canada as well. As far as I know, one must have a passport to cross over into Alaska if they are traveling the roadways and that is my choice of travel. I want to see the states.

I know we would not travel as north into Alaska as to see where the gold miners do their TV shows, but there are areas in the lower portions of Alaska where you can pan for gold and it is high on my bucket list. I have my head in the clouds, I’m sure, but it is really something I would love to do.

There are RV websites that help people get themselves ready to travel, even those with disabilities. I need to have my medications that are mail-ordered. I’ve read about how this works, but I need to review it again.

If you have ventured out into the world in an RV, let me hear from you. I would love to know how you fared with a chronic illness. If you haven’t taken an RV, but have taken a road trip while chronically ill I would love to hear from you too.



  1. fearlessinjesuschrist

    I don’t know of anyone who has done this with a chronic illness. However I do have a fun story. My friends in Colorado took their three kids out of school for a whole year. They bought an RV and went to all 50 states. The kids had special assignments to do on each state and researched many topics. Can you imagine what an awesome thing that would be?

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