Denial – Daily Prompt

I am not in denial. Or maybe I am. I’m so confused! I thought that I could take up selling Avon online and be good at it. I wanted instant gratification, but I am not seeing it. I still think an online Avon business can be successful by a person like myself who has invisible illnesses and is unable to do any work in an actual work place. I guess I will just have to settle down and wait for it to happen.

On to other news. My husband is allergic to adhesives. I know, what a thing to be allergic to, but band-aids and other things such as that with adhesives cause him to blister. The surgery he just had, gallbladder surgery, was done laparoscopically, leaving 4 small cuts, and those cuts were sutured from the inside, then glued on the outside and now he is showing redness and puffiness on each incision. He wants to wait and see how it looks tomorrow before calling the doctor, I’m all about doing it now, but men! What can you do?

So I contacted my paramedic son and he will stop by this afternoon and take a look for me and hopefully convince my husband that he needs to call the doctor. OR, ease my mind that he does not need to call the doctor.

As for me, I’m not feeling as good today as I was Tuesday and Wednesday. I think I stressed myself too much yesterday and stress and IC do not play nice together.

My bladder will calm down, as I calm down, it will just take a little time.

I have a new page up, Gallbladder Disease. It is under the menu “Invisible Illnesses” at the top of my page.



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