Tenacious – Daily Prompt

My thoughts have been muddled lately. I think the pain pills are having an effect on my ability to get my words in order. I took a rest from the prompt for 2 days and now I feel I am too far behind. I took up blogging as a way to get information out to people about invisible illnesses, and I fully intend to be tenacious in this venture.

But I have also recently become an Avon representative and I’m wondering if I can blog about Avon with a different blog name and still be able to check both of them without logging in and out. I do not know where to go to get the answer, or who to ask. I feel like I am going at this blindly.

I also love Danny’s blog, Dream Big, Dream Often and would love to be able to be as successful as he is, I just need to get started. I think I may have too many goals in mind that keep me sitting behind this computer too long at a time. I have to remind myself of my health and how many bad days take up my time.

I think if I could get this blog and an Avon blog really working for me, I would be in an excellent position. Again, I do not know if it is possible to run two blogs at one time. Research, I need to do some research, isn’t that always the way?



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  3. 3sistersabroad

    I have often thought of having two blogs…one for the travels and one for my chronic illness’s…then i was like ..nah combine the two…get the word out that way…I am struggling at the moment even doing one..so far behind reading other blogs…I like to comment and like and read others as well as do my own posts 🙂 if you can do let me know as I would follow both for you

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