Pleased – Daily Prompt

I was so pleased yesterday to announce the beginning of my second blog, I will be slow to add to both blogs as I work to find a timely balance between the two.

I have neglected this one and I do apologize. I have got to get in a groove, or find my groove to be able to do all the things I have set myself up to do.

I’m excited about it, but right now, shortly after surgery, I’m still tired. And my husband, out of no where this morning, decided to rearrange furniture. I hate rearranging furniture. Everylittlething (one word) has to be dusted and vacuumed and I hate doing both. Then there is the indecision of where this lamp will go or that table will fit and, well, I hate it. So I’m exhausted. I get exhausted very easily these days. I need to get my endurance back. It will come to me, I just need to work on it slowly.

I’m thankful that for now, he has gone to work and I can write a little and then take a nap! I think I may take the nap before I write any posts for the other blog. Feel privileged that this is the one I chose to do first because I have been concentrating a lot of time to the other one.



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  2. Invisibly Me

    Just checking out the new blog now, looks good! Will look forward to reading more as I do like Avon. How exciting, I wish you all the very best with it. I appreciate what it’s like being exhausted or rough after surgery as I’m at that point myself so do rest up and go easy on yourself. x

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    • Tina

      Thank you so much! I hope you find everything you need on the Avon site. I will help you in anyway I can. I have been pushing myself pretty hard after this surgery, I think it is time to slow down a bit. You take it easy yourself. Thanks again!


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