Happy Easter Day

I once heard a pastor tell the congregation that the eggs and bunny had nothing to do with Easter. He is right, unless you incorporate learning about Jesus into the festivities of hunting eggs. I wrote this to prove it could be done, if it were done correctly. I hope you enjoy.


By: Tina Brown ©1995-2017

Ask it shall be given,
Seek it shall be found.
These words are in the scriptures,
There so lovingly bound.

Children know not the meaning,
In these words read aloud,
But simplified and given help,
They can see through that cloud.

I will hide an egg,
Colored brightly red,
You will search for it,
By wisdom you are lead.

Easily you found,
What you sought after.
Next time won’t be so easy,
So don’t forget your laughter.

This time green will be the color,
Not so easily seen,
Amid the grass it hides,
So elusive and pristine.

With searching eyes and hands,
A giggle might be heard,
For happiness awaits,
Those searching out the word.

If understanding is handed,
From grown ones to the wee,
A day can be enjoyed,
With praise and fun indeed.

An egg is a beginning,
A symbol on this day,
Of the return of a life,
And a new life on the way.

The colors are for joy,
Peace, friendship and love,
To brighten any mood,
To match the sky above.

The baskets are a tool,
To carry our new life,
Like the body is the temple,
For our souls to reside.

The bunny represents,
The fleeting of the days,
To prove ourselves deserving,
Of Our Lord’s eternities.

Understanding the importance,
Our children need a way,
To praise the One so Mighty,
On this important day.

Through guidance we lead our children,
Through faith we follow our Lord,
All not understood,
This journey can be quite hard.

So use the tools you have,
Explain the details clearly,
Praise the one deserving,
On this day so pure and dearly.

For your blessings Lord, we Thank You,
For guidance do we pray,
For our family and friends,
On this Happy Easter Day.


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