Fry – Daily Prompt

I’ve been taking pain pills for a while now. I have chronic pain. I don’t take them as prescribed, I take them as I need them, as long as they aren’t too close together, in other words, the prescription ways every 8 hours, and I may wait until 10 hours have passed. I don’t want to fry my brain on these meds, but they do numb it quite a bit and this is affecting the way I handle my blogs.

I was looking at a draft I have for PTSD and every time I do, it gives me flashbacks. I’m going to have to just let it sit in the draft folder and work on something else for a while until I can come back to it without problems. The pain pills don’t numb my brain enough to work on that page, though I wish they did. People need information on this disorder, in my opinion.

Until I can over come my flashbacks, I will add different topics of interest. Nothing to chuckle about or maybe a little something every once in a while. But I want things to be clear not opaque. Yeah, I did it, I crammed three word prompts in one blog post again.

Now you can chuckle!



    • Tina

      Thank you, I will get back to it, but probably in bits and pieces so it doesn’t hit me all at once. I was able to write about the incident without a flashback, but when writing about how to overcome and what causes PTSD, it brought back the flashbacks. I guess it isn’t supposed to make sense because it sure doesn’t.


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