Gray – Daily Prompt

To most people gray is not a “go to” color, but for my husband and I, we appreciated the color gray. We both love gray cloudy days, misty rain, or down pours, we love the rain. We would love the snow if we ever got any. Maybe some day we will be able to move to a location that has a winter.

My husband most often wears gray t-shirts. Though we are having a hard time finding them of late, the ones he prefers anyway.

I would have to say gray is a primary color of ours. It goes well with black and white. And I prefer gray-scale pictures over colored ones because I am partially color blind. All pinks colors are the same and all green colors are the same. I get argued with often about the UPS truck, it is green, people! There isn’t a bit of brown on it! It should be gray, I would know for sure what color it is then.

I think today is supposed to be a sunny, too hot for me to be outside any, day. Thank goodness for my computer and my blogs. Have a good day today!



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