Blanket – Daily Prompt

I have been unhealthy my whole life. As a child I was very ill, anemia was bad, which caused a bad heart murmur, and I slept a lot instead of playing. I had a pillow that I carried with me just about everywhere. Most kids have blankets that they love, but I had a pillow. It went with me on short trips and long trips.

My mom carried me around on a pillow after I was mauled by a dog when I was two, maybe that is why I chose to have a pillow as my comfort item instead of a blanket.

Our family took summer vacations each year and my pillow went with me everywhere. Unfortunately, I left it at a motel, and by the time I realized it we were way too far to turn back to retrieve it. Mom bought me a new pillow to carry around, it took me a while to get used to it, but it grew on me and I had it for years.

We eventually moved from our home in town to a home in the country with acreage. My pillow got lost in the move. I cried for days, but mom finally confessed and said she threw it out because it was so worn out it was deteriorating, and I was old enough to stop having a safety pillow.

Funny, I’m 54 years old now and I have a pillow. I don’t carry it everywhere, but I do use it for comfort when I am hurting, I hug it tightly to my lower abdomen in hopes of easing the bladder pain. I have the same size pillow in the car and one in my husband’s truck. They are not mental comfort pillows, but they do help my bladder and the bouncing of the ride in the vehicles.

On an added note, I love dogs. I was afraid of them for about 2 years after my attack, but I met one that melted my heart and I’ve loved them since.


  1. Cheila

    You can be 100 years old and still have your pillow. Anything that gives you comfort is acceptable. The important thing is that you feel well. I’m sorry you have been ill since you were a child.

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  2. 3sistersabroad

    I am so pleased that your fear of dogs after the bite was was conquered by a loving dog. Usually its the dog owner who is at fault when a dog bites. I hear so many people say they got bitten by a dog as a child and are still scared of them.


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