Perfume – Daily Prompt

I have to be so careful with fragrances due to my interstitial cystitis (IC). It has amazed me how much they affect my bladder. I once wore perfume, but now I have to opt for lighter scents, like body sprays and they have to be very light in scent. The only thing I can be certain that will not hurt my bladder are essential oils. I use a lavender and argon oil mix on my hair after a shower to smooth out tangles and keep down the frizz, it also smells pretty.

I know, I’m selling Avon now, but that doesn’t mean I have to use all of their products. I use the ones I can tolerate and the ones I’ve always loved that have no fragrance or a very light fragrance. And of course I buy the purses and shoes. I must have purses and shoes! They don’t hurt my bladder at all.




  1. squidgeaboo

    My husband is allergic to lavender and it makes things very problematic. Giorgio perfume used to give me instant migraines. Perfume should be smelled by you and a person standing close enough to hug you, that’s it.

    If I may, I have a recommendation for shampoo. I have been using a brand called Evolvh for 7? Years now. It’s made from very careful substances and essential oils and is incredibly gentle on your hair, but does the job. It is amazing stuff. They have a great line of styling stuff, too. They are now being sold at this prestigious market in California that only sells the best, most organic stuff. They are a bit expensive, but the product lasts forever. If you contact them, they are usually generous with samples. I’m crazy for this stuff.

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