Spam Overload

I am wondering how many of you get a lot of spam in your blog. The “behind the scenes” area in my little world is always full of spam. I have to delete at least 10 a day, but have had up to 21 in one day. I’m thankful wordpress catches this for me so they do not show on my blog posts. But still my question remains.

How much spam do you get daily?



  1. Liz

    It shows the spam filter works properly on wordpress. Having that much, would be a nightmare without it. Sorry for incomplete message before, I was having a problem typing on my ipad.

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  2. Liz

    I don’t get as much spam as that, so it’s not a problem, but when I do, it is in the right place. What I do have to watch for though, is to make sure there are not any valid comments left. I was surprised to find I had a few and they had been there a while before I noticed and aired them. So I was late replying to those comments because of it. It’s not a regular thing though, thankfully.

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