Apprentice – Daily Prompt

Couldn’t we all use an apprentice? Someone to take over our chores where we leave off, or learn from our verbal instructions. Not just a house keeper that comes in and cleans once a week, because they do the same thing each time, the things that I can keep up with.

I’m talking about someone who can follow my instructions and reach the high areas that have not been touched in a long time. The top of shelves in the kitchen, that I can not reach without getting on a step stool, which is dangerous for me with my illnesses.

I have had a house keeper. She did the normal chores, but would not do the extra work I wanted done, even with an offer of extra money. She did not want to get on the step stool either.

Being chronically ill really drags me down and my housework suffers. Having someone help me reach the areas that have gone untouched for way too long would be wonderful. As I am sure it would be great for all of us that are chronically ill.

I will reach that area of the kitchen one day, those shelves will get cleaned and I will rejoice, probably with a nap. Until then, I just try not to think about it, knowing my limitations, I will have to have someone here when I do tackle that chore. Apprentice or husband, someone will be here.



  1. squidgeaboo

    I have so many of those chores. I need to go through my clothes, they are currently in a folded heap in my closet. Nothing fits, if I need something, husband needs to dig it out. But there just isn’t time. We had a wonderful housekeeper, but he was starting to slow down at 67, and we didn’t have the money, this was before my husband’s new job.

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    • Tina

      My housekeeper would only do the main things, like clean sinks, toilets, sweep, vacuum, mop. Nothing extra even with the offer of extra pay. She wasn’t very good at what she did, but I got along with her, so I kept her for quite a while before I realized she was talking more than working and not getting everything done. I made my husband let her go. 😮

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      • squidgeaboo

        My housekeeper is still a good friend. He would do anything, we’d give him tons more than was the going rate. He was and is just a sweetheart. We would chat for ages, but he’d stay and clean. He was having some health problems, typical aging stuff, which made things difficult, but we had to buy a car, because ours was from 1989, and we couldn’t do both. 😐 plus we had this idea that the kids should do chores. We’re hilarious.

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