Panicked – Daily Prompt

Have you ever woke from a nap and been in a full-blown panic attack? I have these types of occurrences often. I do not always remember the dream that put me in such a panicked stated, but I think I’m better off not remembering them. I wake with a pounding in my chest and a tightness, I’m breathing very hard, trying to catch my breath and wondering where I am.

Being ill brings on so many side effects, not just from medications, but from the actual illnesses. Panic attacks from anxiety disorders. Aches and pains from the various syndromes or diseases. It is a hard lifestyle, but it is one that anyone can adjust to if they are willing to be strong-minded about it and work to realize their limitations.

I, personally, try not to dwell on the negatives and look for a positive in everything around me. It helps keep the panic attacks down and it helps me get through a day. Recently, I had a bad bladder flare and was not able to be on the computer blogging away as much as I wanted to be, but I kept it in my mind that the flare would pass and I would again get to blog not to mention all the well wishers that were following my blog. It really gave me insight to stay strong and focused on the positive.

Let me thank each of you for your understanding and kindness during my bladder flare and my husband’s gallbladder surgery. I was a bit of a mess during that time, but I knew things would work out for the best and they have. He is doing great now and, well, I am still going to have bladder problems, but I have learned to life with it.




  1. bethanyk

    Is your husband able to eat regular foods now?
    How is your bladder?
    I went to the doctor last week thinking I had a UTI and it was just the intercistal cystitis and I had blood in my urine but it was cultured and nothing grew. No infection. Now today I feel the same symptoms again of pressure and pain and i don’t want to go in because it will be a waste wtih the same thing and yet i have no real idea if it turned into an infection. If it isn’t better monday i will go in. But i understand bladder flares are miserable. Just miserable.
    My daughter still cannot eat fatty foods or it upsets her stomach after her gallbladder was removed.
    And more about your post. Yes, when i take a nap I often wake up in a full panic attack. I try not to nap but sometimes i am just so tired. But i wake up with adrenaline. My doctor just did a saliva cortisol test where you take 4 samples of saliva during the day to check cortisol levels. I will be interested in what it says about my adrenal glands.
    Sorry i’ve rambled.

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    • Tina

      You did not ramble. Let me say that your dr may be thinking you have Cushing’s syndrome. I have a little bit written about it on my site. I think I have it too, but haven’t found a dr yet that will take me serious. As for your bladder, it takes time to be able to tell the difference between a flare and an infection. I was diagnosed in 2001 and have learned the difference by the way they feel. An infection hurts much worse than a flare, if you can imagine that! My husband is able to eat anything he wants, so far. He went back to a normal diet and hasn’t had any problems to date. We are so blessed. Thank you for writing. Stay on top of those cortisol levels and ask the dr what he is trying to diagnose. I bet it is Cushing’s syndrome/disease.


      • bethanyk

        I think you are right about the bladder. Because with a UTI I am sick all over too and with the flare it is just in my bladder. Im so so glad your husband is ok and able to have a normal diet!!! That’s fantastic!

        My daughter had her cortisol levels done. She had no cortisol. It was .03 all day long which is far below normal. She was immediately put on hydrocortisone. But the doctor did not diagnose her with anything but adrenal fatigue. I have wondered since if it could be something else. She felt it was because my daughter has lyme disease and POTS and anxiety and it all just burned out her adrenals. That thought she is applying to me and testing me. But I am very glad you mentioned Cushing because I will mention it at our next apt

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      • bethanyk

        The mayo clinic ruled out addisons disease with the acth test . Or so they say. I think her symptoms would point more toward addisons with the low cortisol instead of high like Cushing. But either way something isn’t right and they havent been able to fix her yet!

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      • Tina

        Oh dear, I hope they find the cause of her problems. I know what it feels like to go years without knowing what is wrong. I had IC long before I was diagnosed, I was just not seeing the right drs.

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