Better – Daily Prompt

I’m feeling better today than I have all week. I think getting out of the house made all the difference. My husband suggested, out of the blue, that he thinks our house is a sick house because I always feel physically better when I’m out of it but not necessarily mentally better. He did not know what to call the house, as far as “sick house”, he just suggested that he thought it was making me feel worse. I’ve thought for a long time that it is a sick house, for me anyway. It has been the worst investment we have ever made and we will be so glad to get out of it once we get the mortgage paid down so we can sell it without a loss.

What is really strange is my friend that lives forever away from us, may also live in a sick house. She feels better when she is out of her house. They are remodeling theirs which could be exposing her to century old dust. I thought it strange anyway, that my husband mentioned it the way he did. And she and I talk about it all the time, concerning her health.

When we go camping in our travel trailer, I always feel better than I do when we are at home. That is what started our conversation. I mentioned I wanted to go camping again when we could. But it is getting too hot already to even think about it. It takes so much to load the travel trailer and then set it up when we get to the camp ground. And, though I love to fish, I can’t because I can’t get out in the heat. I do enjoy my quiet time in the travel trailer though, while my husband is fishing. And we always cook something on the camp fire. Good times!



  1. 3sistersabroad

    sick 😷 house 🏡 😢 could it have mould somewhere? I got really sick back in 2011. When leaving this house after only being in it for 12months we found mould. It was everywhere. Took me 6 months to improve to a level I thought and my doctors that I wasn’t going to die anytime soon. Hugs 🤗 xxx

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  2. thechickengrandma

    Years ago I worked at a place that I am convinced was a “sick workplace” The 6 years I worked there I had so many sinus infections, colds and just generally did not feel good. All those symptoms would go away when we had a 1-2 week vacation. Best thing I ever did was get a different job!

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