Bitter – Daily Prompt

Over the years I could have become a very bitter person due to illness. I’ve been unhealthy most of my life. There was a short time during my 20s when I was at my healthiest, but it vanished rather quickly. And slowly I’ve become a very unhealthy person.

I do what I can to maintain what health I have. I’m not exposed to chemicals, or substances that would make me uncomfortable. Having IC (interstitial cystitis) can be trying when you are figuring out your triggers, and I have to say I was bitter for a while, but I got past it once I accepted that this is not going away.

Now I look for the positives in life. It makes things so much easier. I don’t dwell on those that don’t want to be around me because I’m ill and I don’t get upset because I can’t do things that I once could, I don’t need to think about those things because they don’t matter any longer.

Yes, I take medication for depression, those little pills help me keep a positive outlook. I think everyone that is diagnosed with a chronic illness should be on antidepressants at some point to get them over the hump of self pity. Mine is a little deeper than self pity as I also suffer from PTSD from witnessing violence. But I had a lot of self pity before discovering how positive thoughts help me cope.

Give it a try in your daily life. No matter your pain level, look around you and find a positive. The rain is washing away the dust and dirt from the beautiful tree leaves. The sun is nourishing the plants so they grow and bloom. Which ever way it is, it is a positive. They are all around us. They are called blessings. Everyone has them and everyone needs to be reminded sometimes that they are there. Don’t lose sight of them, they will get you through everything.



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