Final – Daily Prompt

As if I haven’t been through enough, my diabetes is so out of control that my new endocrinologist was concerned as to exactly what medication might work for me since I’ve had so many allergic reactions. He carefully looked at my medical history that I provided. (My own personal sheet of paper I keep handy.) He commented I had been through a great deal in my life. I agreed. He also thought I was/am a prime candidate for Cushing’s syndrome. Not that I want to add another disease to my list, but this would explain my uncontrolled diabetes and high cholesterol. He took 2 medications away and added 2, increased one and put me on the very strict diet that does not mesh with my very strict IC diet.

Today is my first day on the new medications, one is pink, I have felt very tired and listless. I slept a lot and ate very little today, so far. I haven’t noticed any side effects from the new medications, but it is early yet. I always dread new medications because of the side effects.

I have to get a thyroid ultrasound, Cushing’s syndrome test and a lot of blood work before my next appointment in a month. I will already have gone through my cystoscopy with hydrodistention before I see him again, so maybe I will not have to be taking so many pain pills.

I have to say I’m tired, very tired. My calendar is full of tests dates and office visits. Adding another doctor to the mix really filled in my calendar and I’m one that hates to get out more than once or twice a week. It will be like a rat running a maze.

Final thought – I’m going to lose weight and get my diabetes under control. I will have to figure out a way to exercise without causing an IC flare, that is a bit scary but it needs to be done to complete the above goals. I wish I had more energy to be excited about it. Either way, it will have a positive outcome.



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