Hospitality – Daily Prompt

Yesterday I was feeling sorry for myself and barely found a positive about having so much going on medically right now. I have to face up to the fact that not everything has a silver lining, but there are tiny things, if I search them out, that can get me through. For instance, the hospitality of the medical staff I am usually around. So many of the staff, nurses, doctors, etc. are ever rude or distasteful. I do have a couple that are, but I don’t see them very often. And the ones I have coming up in my overloaded calendar are all nice people. We chit-chat and I can ask them anything medical and they are kind enough to answer with detailed information. I found this true with my new doctor this past week too. Very thorough and thoughtful.

I think if one tries to be on their best behavior around their medical staff, they will be treated wonderfully. I always try to give good answers to the questions I am asked and I try to be polite and considerate of their feelings as humans, not just as workers.

It really pays off in the long run to be hospitable to those caring for you, no matter your situation or pain level. They get it and will help you if you are not nasty to them. So be kind to get it in return.



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