Qualm – Daily Prompt

I have some tests to get done before my next appointment with my endocrinologist. I am also scheduled for a cystoscopy with hydrodistention on the 22nd of May. But, and that’s a big but, last night my right interstim died. It is an implanted battery with wire leads going into my spine to stimulate my sacral nerve to control the function of my bladder and it helps me with pelvic floor dysfunction too.

So, I have to see a Medtronic representative to confirm that it is in fact dead before going under the knife. Hopefully that will happen this coming Thursday after I pre-register for  my cystoscopy and hydrodistention at the hospital. Oh the things I have on my plate are numerous.

Depending on the time they can get me in to do a replacement surgery will depend on when I can get a thyroid ultrasound for the endocrinologist and the other tests he has me scheduled to do before seeing him again on the 22nd of June. And timing is key because the tests have to come back from the lab in time for my appointment with him. All of that along with eating correctly which is near impossible when I’m stressed because I’m a stress eater.

There is no positive in this situation. My blood pressure check this morning showed a high number, my blood sugar was nearly 300 and I’m freaking out about the time line and being put under twice so close together.

I usually don’t have any qualms with being put under, but I’ve never been put under close together before, it is usually 6 months at least. I was just put under on April 3rd, so this is sooner than usual on the 22nd of May and then the replacement of the interstim. I asked the nurse if they could do a collaboration and get them both done while I was under and she said no. Why? Because they have to flip me onto my stomach to do the implant surgery, oh the pain those surgeries cause.

This is my only positive, I managed to get yesterday’s and today’s daily prompt words worked into my writings.

While proofing this, I thought of my positive, I have a great support system in my husband and son. And since blogging, I have a great support system with my fellow bloggers. Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers.



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