Descend & Daily Prompt

As you have come to know me, you have figured out I’m notorious for writing about my illnesses. I sometimes need to vent and this blog is a good place to do so. I do apologize to those that get tired of reading about it but it is not a farce when I descend into the depths of depression due to total fear.

Monday May 22th – Cystoscopy with Hydrodistention to try to reset my bladder and get it out of its constricted position. Break up some scar tissue and allow it to function better, which means going less often to the bathroom.

Between May 22nd and June 22th, I must have a thyroid ultrasound, 2 cortisol tests, a slew of blood work and make sure it all gets to my endocrinologist before my appointment.

But, on June 8th, I will have my right interstim replaced. This is a hard surgery to go through, it is very painful afterwards.

Now that I’ve told you my timeline, let me explain why I am so afraid. I have been put under so many times but never so close together. I was put under April 3rd, will be put under May 22nd and then again June 8th. I worry about waking up!

If there are any anesthetist out there that can reassure me that my fears are uncalled for, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.



  1. manyofus1980

    wow 3 surgeries in such a short time is just nuts! i would worry about waking up too, that is normal, your not alone in that. I hope it will all be worth it and you’ll have an easier time with the illnesses afterwords. xxx

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  2. 3sistersabroad

    Oh Tina thats a lot for your body to process….stay positive, I often do the mantra…”that was an easy operation and everything went well” or whatever. “that was a good flight” ..I put myself in my mind to afterwards the event…that helps with me not worrying too much. xx will be thinking of you xx

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    • Tina

      Thank you so much! I will at least remember the times before when I have had the surgery and it turned out good, so I can think of those times and keep positive. I know things will be ok, I’m just overly nervous for some unknown reason.

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