Impression – Daily Prompt

I feel like an unmoored boat adrift in the sea. I have so much going on. This doctor, that doctor, this test, that test, this surgery, that surgery. I need a catapult to get me from one place to the other in time for my appointments. All of these doctors appointments are taking away from my blogging time! It is leaving a negative impression on my stats.

To top it all off, some want to change appointment times with me and that causes me to have to rearrange the rest of them. My next surgery date was for June 8th, but has been moved to June 15th. I had tests scheduled for then, but had to move them to earlier in the month so I can have the testing done by my endocrinologist appointment on June 22.

Too much going on right now. I also have my grandson’s 8th birthday coming up. I have no idea what to get him, he has everything. I may just give money this year. I don’t know what to get him, any ideas?

My Avon blog needs more followers and customers too. Or you can go directly to my Avon Estore and make a purchase, it would help me greatly right now with all of the traveling I’m having to do for doctors appointments, I could use the gas money. I don’t sell door to door, only online because I’m just too sick to go door to door. I want this venture to work, so any help you can provide would be great, sharing with your friends and family would be wonderful! I appreciate you in advance!


Author: Tina

This site is about invisible illnesses and the hidden suffering that they wreak on those who are burdened by them. I suffer greatly, but find writing and sharing ideas important. I use aromatherapy to relax and I enjoy crocheting, beading, painting and research. Being a country gal makes it tough to follow a diabetic diet during the winter months. During the summer, vegetables are plentiful, but during the winter they are scarce. I need advice and help on meal planning. I have a second blog, where I display my paintings. Not very good, but I sure enjoy painting them.

6 thoughts on “Impression – Daily Prompt”

    1. Thank you! I am having an interstim replacement done for my bladder. It is a device that helps control my bladder via my sacral nerve. I have two of them, they work together to help with pain, urgency and frequency. I’ve had so much frequency lately that I may go bonkers. The pain from the surgery I just had is diminishing, so I’m super happy about that. The dr changed my surgery date from the 8th to the 15th though, so I’ve got to get through until then with the frequency.

      I don’t know if I can sell to out of country customers or not, I will have to research that to find out. Where are you located?

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      1. My district manager said we can only sell within the USA. I’m sorry, I sure wanted you as a customer. Thanks anyway.


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