Triumph – Daily Prompt

Come Thursday, I will be dressed in a natty hospital gown, going in for what I hope is my last surgery for along time. I like the hospital I will be in, the floors are always at a high gloss polish, the sheets always feel crisp and new. The nurses are tender and thoughtful. I will triumph over this surgery and begin my 6 weeks of healing. It will be a revelation of change from the other surgeries I have had recently because this one requires a scalpel.

The hospital may sound like it is a sterile place to go, with everything looking so spiffy. But it is not. It is a dangerous place, where nurses and doctors take risks every day, walking through blood, infection splatters, or other bodily fluids. These fluids stick to their shoes and carry on over the nicely polished floors, so never walk barefoot in a hospital. Wear the socks they give you, or take some slippers to wear. I always wear the same comfortable dress with a tank top underneath and some slip on sandals. I do not want to feel bound up by pants or elastic after surgery.

This particular surgery will be to replace my right interstim that I have had for 5 years. There will be scar tissue and unpleasantness involved  in this surgery so my pain management doctor was kind enough to increase my pain medication for the month ahead.

I work well with my doctors, and feel safe in their hands. I am beginning to look forward to the surgery as it will mean my bladder will feel better and I will stop going to the bathroom as often. Everything is going to come out positive.



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    • Tina

      Thank you! I am recovering nicely. So much so my husband and I have started remodeling the back porch and it is taking a lot of my time. He does the heavy work and I do the light work. Thank you so much for thinking about me. 🙂

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