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I have not been around lately, as much as I would like to be. I have been so sick with my IC (interstitial cystitis). I had an interstim die and had to have it replaced yesterday. This was the last of three surgeries in as many months.

After yesterday’s surgery I was sick to my stomach, dizzy and unable to function properly. They claimed it was the anesthesia. But I thought maybe it might be the volume of antibiotics they had to give me, which makes me weary of taking the antibiotic pills I need to take. The total of which will be 14 days worth.

The last interstim I had replaced, in October of 2016, was not this bad, but the antibiotic pills I had to take sent me to the emergency room because I was unable to stop throwing up and became dehydrated.

I would have ended up in the ER yesterday afternoon had it not been for my personal paragon paramedic. He was able to administer some anti-nausea medication with a single puncture of my skin. Something some nurses could stand to learn. It was gentle and I barely felt the prick. Afterwards, I began to feel the nausea taper off.

This morning, I am feeling a bit queasy and a lot anxious about taking the antibiotics. But I have to take them to keep my body from rejecting the implanted interstim. It is a vicious cycle.

They claim, (they being the researchers,) that IC causes pain comparable to what cancer patients feel, but since I’ve never had cancer, and pray I never do, I will not compare it to cancer. However, the upset stomach is comparable to a virus and we have all had those, it knots up in your stomach and then you toss your cookies…wonderful!

I will say that with this new interstim, I am already finding relief from my urgency and frequency of urination. This is a huge positive! Now to find relief from the stomach-ache associated to the surgery and to antibiotics that I take, starting today.




  1. Wendy

    I hope the antibiotics don’t make you as sick as you were before. I hope they settle down. and I’m glad you were able to get relief at home. Hubby can give me nausea medicine with a shot, he is not painless the medication hurts like the dickens, but at least I stop throwing up….sometimes.
    I had a minor IC spell last night. I am not afflicted with IC to an extreme. I rarely have symptoms, but when they come it is a miserable time. Luckily, last night, just lasted for the night. I don’t know how you do it so much. I sure hope the interstim works.
    good luck

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    • Tina

      Thank you. The interstim was a replacement and has worked for me in the past so I’m certain this one will work just as well. Isn’t it nice to have a family member than can administer medication? Mine is my son, he is a paramedic.

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      • Wendy

        Your son sounds like a good person to have around. 😊
        They taught hubby how to give shots when I started getting B-12 at home. But it has turned out to be very helpful. I don’t think he’s as gentle as your son. Of course he doesn’t get a lot of practice. Thank goodness.
        Crossing my fingers you heal quickly.

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  2. Liz

    Are the antibiotics just a course, or do you have to take them all the time? I know antibiotics can make you feel ill sometimes, but also when you have what you suffer with, although I can’t imagine myself, it won’t help. A vicious circle like you say. Hope you are feeling yourself soon.

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